Melt the warm touch electronically.


The 'point of contact' in telecommunication services, namely the feeling of being close to an entity real or imaginary, is a seemingly random factor, which in reality is revealed in the decisive involvement of the user. It therefore characterizes the relationship, the level of a simulation as well as the heartbeat of an understanding celebrated with the characters are all the same e-mail. Much more, therefore, correspond to the actions metaphorical reactions reliable, the more the intensity of communication grows. Recently reported from the blog of Turbulence , Melt is an art installation telematics who joined some time ago visitors to the Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts in Lille, France with the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada. Created by Slavica Ceperkovic and Nicholas Stedman was to detect a tactile presence in a table placed in the institution transalpine, thereby activating a number of sensors on the other side of the ocean, able to melt a few pieces of ice by raising the temperature of some resistance. In this way the matter was carved creating forms are difficult to predict, and collectively created. The randomness of the result does not detract from the importance of 'touch', which is perceived by the visitor. It summed up the most instinctive way to know (feel) with the gratification induced by the generated visible action to see such a great distance.