Designin ‘in the rain


The pixel, a key element of digital graphics, and the matrix, its structure, have long been out of the pages of manual graphics programs, to become cultural archetypes. On this is based aesthetic that exploits the immediately recognizable style of shapes square built on a primary basis, in order to build a new sense that leverages the age-old visual habituation to computer screens, as evidenced by the creation of a full-blown graphic style (‘ pixel graphic ‘) particularly in vogue in the early 2000s. The exemplary attitude of the Japanese aesthetic trend and cleverly merge cultural product produced the Delaware, cunning musicians and communicators, who have metabolized well the lesson of the past decade imparted by their countrymen as Pizzicato Five of creep successfully in the mechanisms of international pop. The quartet uses a discrete form embroidering basic shapes and immediate through the combination of various techniques: ascii art, bitmap graphic, composition of pseudo-square grids of objects such as CD cases, and even cross stitch on fabric. Characters that move like sprites of old sinclair spectrum, minimal color cycles and speech synthesizers vintage wisely mixed with other (few and content) ingredients contemporaries, mark the figure of the band, which blends the essentiality of abstract materials with amused game’s iconic infantile forms and catchiness of the songs. The concept of retro contemporary digital here does not miss a beat in the rhythm (visual and musical), with an all-round design embodying the structure of its data.