Surroundings Defend System, with the sound isolation.

After the broken promises of reality 'immersive' announced ten years ago by the media boom of virtual reality, isolation from the outside world and dive into a parallel dimension to its surrounding area have hired a bivalent form, on the one hand futuristic and again from 'more of a retro look' in the abundant plastic coating electronics. To return the size isolated the attention of a public that has to deal with a number of stimuli and information continues to grow, provocative work of Wax (Wessel Westerveld) which centers on the sound its construction environment. Surroundings Defend System , in fact consists of a helmet with a visor opaque to minimize the penetration of light and a headset 40 watt integrated with a standard jack to connect any music source. Housed in the show in the edition 2004 Garage , this work advertised by the author as 'a weapon against the boring environment that surrounds us' came some years after the movement 'isolationist' of electronic music, but is capable of exploding in a dimension absurd tendency to customizing every service and product, and the breaking of any spirit of sharing and community that is based not on the obsession of a commercial property, but a spirit of communal solidarity.