MediaDemocracy and Telestreet.

From July 14 to 16 at the space Muffathalle of Monaco of Bavaria is expected the event " MediaDemocracy and Telestreet – Networking Free TV ", edited by Tatiana Bazzichelli, founder of the networking project AHA: Activism-Hacking-Artivism, and the filmmakers Berlin Alexandra Weltz. The event, part of the "Okay" Understanding Europe: Italy ", an exhibition organized by the cultural and political Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung / bpb, wants to think through a conference, an exhibition and several video presentations of projects, on what and 'the Italian media activism, focusing on the "phenomenon" Telestreet. MediaDemocracy Telestreet and presents projects and reflections on the' media guerrilla 'and independent media in Italy, despite the television monopoly Berlusconi, lives and develops a number of years through TV to a network of neighborhood, community and independent radio stations on the Internet, which acts in the interstices of the Italian media landscape. Telestreet The network has come to count many TV free scattered throughout the national territory, which exploit the presence of shadow cones to transmit its signal over the air television through an antenna built for the occasion and a self-managed schedule. Muffathalle In the event at the Monaco, the activity of telestreet is documented through several video contributions collected at the site of the collective project New Global Vision, while during the opening, Disco Volante Candida TV and video-TV will present posters of Telestreet. Besides the vision of the materials of Telestreet Disco Volante TV and most historic Candida TV and Minimal TV, during the conference will be made a reflection on the issue of accessibility of information and the power of images from the project infoAccessibile of Henry Bisenzi, while Matteo Pasquinelli of Rekombinant propose a reflection on media activism and the new collective imaginations. Among the projects in exhibition, include the DVD-P2P FightSharing, made ​​by Candida TV and Greenpepper magazine and focused on the Reality Hacking, Media-activism and Telestreet. concludes the event, the screening of the documentary "Radio Alice" by Guido Chiesa, a retrospective on the historic free radio which revolutionized communication over the air and on the '77 Italian and in the evening, a performance audio-video DJ Bellissima.