Psy.Geo.Conflux 2004 psychogeography in New York.

Here comes the second edition of the festival's New York psychogeography Psy.Geo.Conflux 2004 . After the success of 2003 , in fact, a new series of events, performances and conferences conceptually put upside down the fascinating urban area of the Big Apple. Everything revolves around a single headquarters where you can find maps and information, and attend conferences, but aims to re-read from multiple perspectives and innvoative one of the most famous urban territories ever, living with the hidden dynamics, with the help of software that runs on laptops and what goes through my head. In the list of scheduled events can be found, among others, 'WiFiKu', haiku poems built under the pseudonyms found on the wifi networks in the city, 'Footprint Mapping', an attempt to map out walking routes through the town of a certain number of volunteers built-in webcam, pedometer and laptops, 'Funerals for a Moment', sudden commemorations that culminate in a performance collective consisting of several simultaneous funerals, 'The New York Snap Exchange', a multi-user game photo to give a visual identity the city, the second edition of 'Human Scale Chess Game', that is, the human chess game played via mobile phones this time held in Times Square, 'New York Copen Hagen' a walk to Copenhagen with its superimposed on the map of New York, and One Block Radius, an attempt to describe in multiple levels and stratified one block. Starting from the seminal . walk who deservedly won the first prize in the category of software art Transmediale 2004 the synergy of these practices with algorithms and techniques of mapping back to the center of the definition of space and how it is perceived in the contemporary world through its components visible and invisible, and how to apply everything you could approach social and political. So it is no coincidence that among the scheduled conferences there is also that of Peter Lamborn Wilson (aka Hakim Bey).