Text-To-Noise Synthesizer.

Letters and sounds are a combination that always works, because the habit to listen to the phonemes makes the association sign-sound very natural. Text-To-Noise Synthesizer of Bludgeonsoft, is a free online tool which converts a phrase into a cacophony precise dictated by its composition. Two possible approaches are to 'feel' the composition of sounds generated by the same phrases, or that of chain letters according to the sounds they represent, just like a text-based sequencer. The sequence also is played in a loop, and you can also customize the beats per minute (bpm), increasing or decreasing in fact, the speed of execution. The creation of a textual sequencing that produces noise, allows you to play the written composition to produce sounds, this time altered, compared to expectations, producing a new level acoustic and aesthetic. The realization is, however, a web made public historians software from the same household, including BackToBasics, one of the first to allow the mapping of the keyboard with customizable music samples, in order to rapidly scale into a musical instrument.