Portable People Meter, control him.

The breakup of privacy can be seen from several warning signs, including an increasing development of devices that try to offer the user the beautiful red and juicy apple of personalized services in exchange ingestion of its narcotic poison which so perpetually reveal habits and daily choices, documented and controlled in every detail. And the production of a device like the Portable People Meter does nothing but confirm this dangerous trend that legally rests on explicit permission from the user. The bait and switch, in this case, is the suggestion of targeted acquisitions to capacity on the tastes of the user through the intersection of the data, but the price (highest) to be paid is the control and the storage of their constant choices. The anonymous apparecchietto, in fact, it detects the coded signals emitted by television and radio, in fact masked with psychoacoustic techniques, ie almost inaudible to the human ear, but perfectly detectable by the PPM, which holds an impeccable list, made up of date, time and duration of consumption. The device is also equipped with a motion sensor that detects when it is actually worn. In this phase, the volunteers (currently active in more than 15 countries) who wear it are unpaid, and when not to wear it more, for example before going to sleep, helping him to another device that transmits all data to a central server , in turn sold to large companies. With capabilities in development that include the user's location using GPS, the scenario becomes more and more dark, waiting for appropriate counter-apprecchiature who are able to constantly distort the unbearable control.