The complex transformation project data of the duo behind Nybble-Engine after several years of evolution has reached a maturity that reflects the stratification of levels in dynamic interconnection between them. The complex interactions that involve the generation of messages in email list, the action of autonomous robot software, and the action more or less conscious of users in a multiplayer abstract interact in this environment network viewable in real time. Such a complex structure was also documented with traditional equipment for a better understanding of its spirit and its operation, and that is what this book with enclosed DVD is done, with a collection of essays, explanations, history and development side. The video provides an indispensable part Glance keep anyone who has not been able to benefit from the live installation, and his hail of information that rains down on the screen, revealing the distinct flows that characterizes it. The NEM (nybble engine movies) are network-movies in real time and their dual reading as an overview and as individual worlds in their own right who relate with the rest, draws a microcosm of non-linearity which is ultimately a paradigm itself.