Digital Is Not Analog: The Influencers.

After the last edition in Campobasso in 2002 Is Not Analog Digital, the festival of art and digital hacktivism organized by 0100101110101101.ORG arrives at the CCCB in Barcelona. Entitled The Influencers festival of culture jamming, modified radical entertainment technologies and gives space to projects that have in the attitude to create not only a breaking point between the inductions of cultural capital and the awareness of their everyday experience, but to build a new and different narrative expressed in artistic practices, production and performance that overwhelms the narcosis of the propaganda media marketing. To speak / perform there will be plagiarists Evolution Control Committee and tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, the Institute for Applied Autonomy, already present in the previous edition, historians, Joey Skaggs and Reverend Billy & The Church Of Stop Shopping, as well as Italians Guerrilla Marketing .