Ciber @ RT Bilbao + Futuresonic04, identity and mobility.

You have two of the biggest annual festival of electronic art on the European continent, which take place with considerable deployment of assets outside the major capital cities. In Bilbao, takes place Ciber @ RT , biennial this year entitled 'Challenges for a Ubiquitous Identity' and whose namesake conference welcomes Richard Stallman, Mathias Fuchs, Sylvia Eckermann, Katherine Moriwaki, Nina Czegledy and Jonah Brucker-Cohen, among others. Among the interactive installations, curated by Christiane Paul's Fluid , while in the section of net art work stand out Elout de Kok ( Portret Series ), Michael Mandiberg , and the multimedia section hosts a retrospective of Nicolas Clauss . In Manchester, however, grows after eight editions (including those of 2001 and 2002 ), Futuresonic impression that the whole event to the theme of mobility, picking up different projects that create a new mapping of urban land. There are the 'Renegade Rollergirls' seeking hotspots along with the SIGNAL_SEVER put on by Makrolab addition to the interaction of sound deferred sounds that occur around the user to 'Mobile Locations', while in the exhibition there are Streetscape, Come Closer, The Central City and Wi-Fi hog . The other celebration to whom the festival is dedicated a large section of the 25 years of the Technics 1200MK2, the record player par excellence. Among the projects hosted there is the famous 'noiseDJ' by Philip Jeck with 78 turntables and various cylinders, Peter Parker DJ + Woody + G-Kut that scratchano vocal snippets and short stories commissioned for mobile phones, as well as lectures and workshops free of charge.