A / B-Turux

The algorithms underlying the generative artifacts constitute an authentic language of systematic creation, incorporating the unpredictability of organic reality with parametric control of the computer code. Dextro, Lia and the rest of the team of Viennese (protagonists of live audio / visual only) collected eight years of work, between 1995 and 2003, filed in this cd-rom of pure visual abstraction, pixels that raggrumano , hover, flourish, and less frequently while maintaining their sober nature minimal. One hundred and ten animations throughout, with almost two thousand pictures and a few videos, occasionally accompanied by grafts crystalline sound and culturally synchronous animations themselves. The jagged lines, emphasizing the matrix screen, mixed with the curves dictated by the changes, and the invisible forces that orchestrate the particles, sometimes deceive the experience simulatoria, sometimes forced to dose carefully the movements of the wrist / mouse to regain control of the mechanical system virtual. The user is discouraged by the click, worth a frequent output from the exploratory, and more generally the interface is designed to put a strain on sight and attention, but it can deliver in a tiny array of signs, a complete man-machine interaction, tense and emblematic of their cultural differences. A display of codes and with sounds that mathematics has in common only the abstract level, but it’s the abstraction maintained without compromise, to draw and redraw the image as you please alive, ready to be rewritten in different forms, but daughter inalienable and mirror of his digital paradigm.