Electrophile, devotion rated.

Crispin Jones, winner of the 'Digital Art [Interactive] Division' at the Media Arts Festival in Tokyo in 2003 with the installation 'Social Mobiles' and author of brilliant projects such as 'An Invisible Force' (desks that respond to our questions) and 'Ideal ringtone' (the perfect ring, a fascinating synthesis of over 600 tones ring tones), provides further evidence of its provocative nature and highly ironic with the project ' electrophile, devotion rated '. This is a special keyboard designed specifically for quell'eterogenea and immense category consists of the fan, indomitable worshipers of different celebrities. The keyboard has the characteristic of having two screws embedded in each of the keys that compose it, and through these it produces an electric shock to the intensity of which is directly proportional to the number of characters that the fan used to write a mail to your beloved idol. The intensity of the shock conveyed by two poles / screws, is controlled by a circuit derived from a common muscle stimulator (anyone who is subjected to a treatment for muscular rehabilitation know what you are talking about), then there are big risks for Fans who decide to undergo this act of utter devotion. The strong appearance of design is not however this act of self-flagellation in itself, but rather the idea that an e-mail message to retain, in some recess of alternating binary, a memory of the pain with which the devotee has witnessed its unsurpassed love, an echo that it can be felt even in the home of the star turn of the email recipient. This idea of devotion distinguishes' electrophile 'the project' PainStation 'which also is based on the administration of electronic shock. In 'electrophile' pain increases with the number of characters of the email and then with devotion while in 'PainStation' is a challenge where the loser pays a painful duty. Pain and devotion Vs. pain and competition; modified games vs. devices "polarized". In both cases, the questions posed by the authors remain open, while, heedless of everything, electricity continues to go through regardless of bodies and machines.