dyne: trax, gnu / linux even more multimedia.

After arriving at the ' gold ', ie to version 1.0, dyne: bolic arrives at its last evolution (1.2), called Dyne: trax . The distribution of GNU / Linux that runs on cd with strong multimedia features consolidates as his attitudes of strategic software to restore life to old machines, making them be born with an operating system provided ultraottimizzato of fine software for audio and video production, as well both in real time. Among the important changes in this release: the inclusion of Jack Connection Kit, which allows you to connect input and output of the various audio programs, creating a software rack able to mix easily flows, the ability to run all software to be hard drive simply by copying it to any directory, a whole series of new software and update (including TerminatorX ) and the 'usual' ability to shoot in clusters, eg by exploiting more processors PC, or on a modified Xbox. The download of 612 MB can be performed by one of the thirteen link ftp / http and to turn the whole system just a first-generation Pentium with 64 Mbytes of RAM and a CD-ROM IDE.