Cam Paint, paint with time.

One of the interesting aspects of the experiment with multiple media is the chance to play with the language (however iconic or representative) to draw interesting hybrids, which can put, albeit temporarily, the crisis in the acquired habits of use. In this sense goes, while extemporaneous idea of Paint Cam , which hides a deeper meaning than simply the use of images from webcams scattered around the earth as raw material for a 'brush' program to 'paint' with which 'draw' , which reveal little by little, the images themselves. It is not in fact to add something to the two dimensions allowed by the graphics screen, but continues to induce the fluctuation of the original image that is constantly changing, by updating time. The composition of the various images, then, describes a further split time, unique and unrepeatable, pulling at different times through scraps of different places, changing at every 'touch up'. This interpretation of the interface, which adds an uncontrollable component of the fourth dimension, reflects well the condition of the computer systems in perpetual mutation and adaptation, in contrast to the fixity of the conventions of use that are normally associated.