Wefail: scratch view the web.

Wefail no art, no graphic design, does not build robots. It is a site from animation that recalls the visionary punkzines eighties. Powered by Jordan Stone and Martin Hughes, is a journey into an intricate digital corridor with the company of a metallic voice that guides the navigation to the different steps of the project. A clear example of how you can use the Flash program high-level creative, which passes over the well-known difficulties that this can cause in terms of usability and accessibility. In this case, Stone and Hughes reach a testing plan very interesting, definitely particular and original use of the web. Newspaper clippings, old photos, scratch games visual and sound make the course within Wefail experience to be repeated several times to always find new details. The personal sites of the two authors, always made in flash are also very original in making a visual idea of ​​the journey and the path in a tunnel vision and fluctuating. Waiting to be discovered. Tatiana Bazzichelli