Someone promptly called a 'tele-paper' and in the synthesis of the two terms on the contrary, that a newspaper that is, it shows the movement of the televisions of the road, is the scope of this number zero, which incorporates the many souls antagonism cathode. From the popular and critical ultrabeceri format, through a destabilizing analysis of the generation videoelettronica, in the midst of brief news items, announcements of projects and images sampled from various sources that refer to the cultural identity of A / transom, the fanzine of the situationist movement of the 77 Bologna, reaping the potential of a symbolic campaign, and for this potentially even more release. In fact, the artisan passion and discovery hacker, who is married to the thrill of the territorial communication and sense of community that an expanded network based this experiment spread. His self-definition ('a machine not approved imaginative') is only a poster.