Plusdeck, audio on your PC.

Although entry into the limbo of 'dead media' audio tape resists (like vinyl) used in a popular and widespread among the users cut off by the digital revolution. To incorporate this spartan analog technology, which is instinctively linked the typical background hiss is Plusdeck , a drive for reading and writing tapes connected to the PC via the serial interface. Standard specifications allows use of much instinctive used tapes, running through the software digitizing and tape recording of any audio source (from cd to mp3 files) directly, annexing the simplicity of analog tapes and their portability to the sphere of personal computing. Produced by the Korean 'Beyond the Ordinary', Plusdeck makes a double sudden change history: on the one hand brings back to life a musical medium of consumption crushed by the short supply of readers, induced by the agreements of the majors on compact discs, tapes and other reports in computer science, after being used as the first mass media in the home computer of the eighties.