Play Parts, playful sound paradigms.

The functional approach of design often offers original perspectives in the composition of multimedia elements active on screen and in their iconic rapresentazione. The sounds, in particular, can be viewed through multiple metaphors that transcend the paradigm of the sequencer, reflecting new and original methods of association between sign, movement and sound. In this perspective has been developed Play Parts of the Berlin Ralph Ammer, a software for mac os x free download, planned in collaboration with the musician Martin Gretschmann. Six different modes of interaction make the production of melodies and rhythms with the playful immediacy of geometric symbols and atavistic. From the conversion of a hatch in a sequence of sounds to the composition of a rhythm through linked elements, in which time is equated to the distance. These 'divertissement' draw nourishment and data from three songs composed by Gretschmann, returning a tangible visual feedback to the user which accompanies the sound settings in an entertaining excursus staff, which offers well orchestrations and animations help to understand the mechanisms implemented.