Motoman, in connection with motorcycle in rural Cambodia.

In rural areas of Cambodia, the internet connection is not as common as in a country western counterpart. The poor economic conditions faced by those areas of Asia are a reality and for this reason the association 'American Assistance for Cambodia' together with the representative for the Far East of the MIT Media Lab-sponsored a program of support that could be communicate these villages without electricity nor computers with other worlds, familiar and unfamiliar. In an article in the New York Times (registration required) describes the construction of a minimal and imaginative internet connection for 13 rural schools tapping into the electricity needed through appropriate solar panels, capable of powering three computers. The connection, so it is warranted by some riders who daily stop in front of schools with one pcs / box powered by the battery of the bike, with an antenna and a wireless connection with their machines, which charge / discharge the user mail the school. These 'pony express' digital in five and make the rounds of schools for five days a week, finishing it systematically in Ban Lung, the provincial capital of Ratanakiri, where you will find a satellite link exchanging physically placed with the rest of the world. A pragmatic model, which makes this independent operators, constituting a positive precedent in the fight against the digital divide.