A member of the large collective, Reynald Drouhin is one of the most original french electronic artists for its interpretations of digital archetypes. His work touches not only the nature of images but, more importantly, the construction and temporarity of vision. The watcher is guided and misled in his perception, and the content is challenged, substituting to every pixel a micro-image or playing with the ‘webcam’ paradigm to satisfy the expectations of what is ‘about to happen’. Maintaining the plastic nature of his formation and applying it to the digital means, he challenges our usual point of view, revealing the processes of image perception, continuously superimposing the whole and the detail, in a constant mutual exchange of meanings. The book contains essays by Sellam, Bongiovanni, Chatonsky, Fourmenrraux, Sauvageot and Hillaire, while the dvd contains videos and ‘recordings’ of sessions made with his sites and software, such as Ici 02, Rhizomes, Timescape).