242.Pilots – Live in Bruxelles


dvd video – Carpark
The collaborative dimension created by connected machines takes a different value when it’s part of a live performance, with its uncertain and unique nature. The 242.pilots, a close group of artists (hc Gilje, Kurt Ralske, Lukasz Lysakowski), performs ‘visual conversations’,somewhat similar to jazz improvisation sessions. Using the programs Nato and Max, the trio has built an array of tools which allow them to exchange visual and sound data, which influence each other. The images move jerkily, with predominantly dark colours and shaky camera angles. The live dimension, with its reassuring imperfections, embellishes the contents, like the abstraction of particulars of architectural structures which are reflected in hazy loops, together with vintage films. It’s a continuous resetting of time containing the origins of a collective negotiated vision. This dvd is a recording of a performance staged in Bruxelles, complete with three single videos, one for each group member, which explain even better their different roles, revealed in the final interview.