Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2004 cinematic art on the net.

The festival of experimental film and video Stuttgarter Filmwinter , which opened its doors on 15 January, is expanding its area of research, more and more dirtying your hands with the new media, by its very definition ('festival of expanded media') , to the ever-growing attention paid to the contamination of techniques and media languages. Repeating the approach of last year, the part devoted to the works of the web is subjected during the month before the opening of the festival to the judgment of the public. All selected works have a narrative and cinematic soul that sets them apart, often conciliatory poetry and dream, intricando the visual possibilities of web techniques (flash in the first place), and not in a manner acquired several works testable directly from the web: 'Atmospherics / Weather Works' by Andrea Polli, 'Criptographever' of 'Either Side of an Empty Room' by Peter Horvath, 'Googlehouse' Marika Frankreich and Stéphane Dermineur, 'Somnambules' by Nicolas Clauss and Jean-Jacques Birge, ' Human Capital Software Solutions 'by Beatrice Gibson,' Machines will eat itself 'by Franz Alken, artists in exile gathered in the portal of the' Museum of Modern Art Kabul ',' Breathewords ', poems animated Adriana de Barros,' Scenario 'Michel Sellam, filmic memories, the symbolic and sequentially quick' Bad Mind Time 'Joey Bargsten,' GeneralNews' Daniela Alina Plewe, tool to temporarily change the text on web pages, the dream unfolding of 'Hiddensee' Tobias Hellmann, the fascinating journey into the folds of vinyl 'Tectonic Plates' Calum Stirling, the sound evolutions in Shockwave 'Soundcities' Stanza, 'The Doorman [passing]' Domiziana Jordan and Reiner Strasser, the obsession of windows browser's' The Bull of indiction 'Antonio Mendoza, similar to the technique used for years Jimpunk here with this' 1n-0ut [meditation] ~ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡} {n-¡ff resolution ', and the sequences of deconstructed 'Unmovie' Axel Heide, onesandzeros, Philip Pocock and Gregor Stehle.