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The strategies of media resistance have evolved with the changes in the situation, and this precious collection of video materials succeeds in feeling the pulse of antagonist communication with exceptional up-to-dateness. Designed to be published at the same time of the WSIS in Geneva, it puts together documentaries of activist practices realized with the most disparate techniques (from the creative use of antennas and microtransmitters to interviews and satyrical counter-spots), in an international survey which examines situations in Italy, Russia, Israel, France, Spain, etc. etc. The detournement of desire and property, both intellectual and material, and of the broadcasts as the power to univocally transmit, is the base of the success of many of these operations, realized by a generation more and more crafty and at ease with software, cables and solders. The road, the radio waves and the network cables have become the places where this alternative communication expresses itself, mocking propaganda and control and finding cracks in them where to transmit necessary media antibodies to break up habits and infect the consciences put to sleep by the indigestion of messages, for immunizing them against the daily hypnosis of the huge industrial machine of show business.