Strike of viewers, the right to turn off.

He was born in the economic capital of the strike viewers, the right to turn off the television for a time, but voluntarily and collectively as a liberating practice to acquire. An operation far from trivial, already propangadata in the United States by the collective Adbusters in the form of TV Turnoff Week , and after being implemented one year ago , this year in addition to the tram in Milan sells involved public initiatives in Brescia, Como, Cremona, Florence , Iseo, Mantua, Naples, Palermo, Pavia, Perugia, Rome, Venice and Verona. Sunday will implement a number of local benefits and discounts to those who will be presented with a working remote, and organizers estimated involving a (possibly in excess) of 400,000 people. Idea that wants to move significativamene the centrality of the medium of television in our lives, rebelling against the power of broadcasting that does not accept replies, and social activities while sharing much more rewarding and passive consumption of energy and boundless flickering continuous home screen. Organized by External , this initiative is looking to repeat every six months.