AGRM – NG, generate infinite melancholy.

After the time of the pioneers of generative music, they begin to make their way experiments targeted and thematic fields which are able to bring the first signs of more design possibilities in a position to gain more influence the final results. AGRM – NG, ie Abstract Generative Radio Mix New Generation of Epplay Vincent and Antoine Schmitt, is a good example, freely available via the web. It consists of a mix generative obtained from a CD produced by the French festival Phonurgia Nova sounds with historical radio and 200 samples in a database continuously trawled by the software. In this short synthesized sounds have been added to complement the specific sound characteristics, and the interface that allows you to start the generation and make it continue indefinitely, more than four minutes by default. The software developed includes a matrix dramatic background, which regulates the speed of delivery, mind the sounds are grouped by 'families' homogeneous, ensuring recursion and alternation of the structure, in addition to technical specifications (tone, delay, volume, etc. .) that allow you to program a flow of the fluid stream. And the peculiarity of the work lies in having used different types of sounds (samples, phrases recited, shreds music) obtaining a composition which automatically maintains a constant melancholy flavor, ensuring non-typical repeatability of generative music, together with its intrinsic characteristics digital editing.