Sonny Bono Is Dead, plagiarist compilation of protest.

A compilation commemorative typically pays a tribute of recognition to an artist, an event or a concept particularly important, but reversing this mechanism can stage a spectacular protest that has as its symbol the attack the protagonist of this celebration on the contrary. Sonny Bono Is Dead was announced in this spirit from the Illegal Art label former star of considerable outputs as Deconstructing Beck, Extracted Celluloid and Commercial Ad Hoc. Here the theme of course very, criminal is the extension of the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act passed in early 2003, that saved the big corporations from having to necessarily extend to the public domain recordings of the twenties of the twentieth century. The label then encourages the implementation of traces of fruit sampling of the songs from that period that are already in the public domain, and that gives the list, as well as songs that draw on the work of the same Sonny Bono or other artists who have in defending copyright as eternal dimension. In a note is pointed out that the label is also interest in the use of media other than sound, especially for the appropriation of the character of Mickey Mouse, which is also about to become public in 2004, had it not been for the above mentioned measure.