Archivos Babylon

'Docs from the darkest side of the empire' is the subtitle of this production archive OVNI (Observatori De Video No identificat) in Barcelona, ​​documenting an impressive collection of military propaganda and technological research that describes the same language as the 'army cultures', ie the set of 'values' bandied about by the general public as a screen to the programming of the extermination of the enemy in the flesh. The ruthless criminalization of irrepressibly different from each document, made 'necessary' to reasons such as the protection of his family, or your self-assertion and is embodied in different communication strategies. Violence is always taken as a paradigm indispensable and reassuring, and the power of weapons is sold as a security, as in the case of aircraft by war where the airspaces are invisibly defined as a space of choice for the control. New advanced experimentation equipment on the battlefield and spot game that staged conflicts, and making exorcizing incorporeal human tragedies of the conflict, shall be placed in sequence without any kind of editing or introduction, letting the materials speak for themselves. What happens brilliantly in the long video of a night attack, with pictures that prompt an alienating video games, aseptic and not seem so ruthless, in which the shapes of the fugitives are freddate explosion, as well as the long sequence of commercials for recruitment in ' U.S. Army. And just as amazing are the similarities with genre films produced by Hollywood, both in the assembly, just less paroxysmal, that with the soundtrack, made up of identical tones from arcadia, commercial or metal less dramatic similarities with the randomness of the soundtrack of the movie porn . The unbearable uniqueness and pretend composure, imbued with a cloying rhetoric continues the impressive speeches post-9.11, then leave an incurable sense of nausea that accompanies this bulimic propaganda that feeds on itself in its very disgusting and murky broth business.