What is net art? Conference at the Venice Biennale.

Sunday, October 23 at the Space Archive of Contemporary Art in the Venice Biennale will take place the conference What is net art? , which will attempt to define a topic such as this second magmatic publicly recognizable features. Moderated by Lorenzo Miglioli programmatically raises a number of questions remain open and focused on a comparison of positions and experiences on a theme now lived and enjoyed that much more formalized and theorized. Called to discuss Francesco Bonami (Venice Biennale), Giuliano Da Empoli (Archive of Contemporary Art), Pier Luigi Capucci (NoemaLab), Alessandro Ludovico (Neural), Carlo Infante (Teatron), Paolo Atzori (KHM Academy of Media Arts, Cologne) , Deseriis Marco and Giuseppe Marano (THETHING), Valentina Tanni (Random) and Tommaso Tozzi (HackerArt archive).