Ascii Selected Fragments Random Generator.

The text produced and stored on the network is the raw material more easily manipulated, from a technical point of view, and so far a large number of works have used it to construct new meaning from the enormous amount of material available and the mechanisms used to produce it. For mailing lists, in particular, the opening to the messages sent by the individual techniques 'sampling' and relocation in the same context, it breaks the barrier of the recognition of the club members, introducing a new automated agent that, instead of creating original disturbance, such as a 'troll', blend the contributions from the same original members. Ascii Selected Fragments Random Generator V0.2 Beta acts precisely in this sense recontextualizing pseudorandom manner in the text, drawing on fragments from the different messages and, above all, allowing transform them into a new post on one of the selected mailing list. Powered by collective Actions Réseaux Numériques implements this way a semi-automatic process recursively recombining the same memory of the list, in a rational and non-violent zapping of themes and expressions.