The project GIA: by the people, and for the people.

Open Government Information Awareness (GIA) is a project created by the Computing Culture group of the MIT Media Lab in response to the Total Information Awareness (TIA) System, planned by the Bush administration to monitor all American citizens and foreigners. Conversely, the GIA project involves the construction of a platform accessible to any type of user with the purpose of monitoring the activities of the U.S. government. Software and databases are functional to allow each individual to understand the complexities of government measures to deepen the constitutional rules, to view election adverts, to get the maximum amount of information on government and its apparatus. Just log on to the project site, or activate the alert in order to receive the reports directly on your computer. As the Government has the power to obtain and use the data of the citizens, they have the right to know in detail the programs, proposals, events, initiatives. The project also allows users to directly send data on government to be included in the database of GIA and, importantly, you can do this anonymously. Tatiana Bazzichelli