Sounding Spaces, environmental sound installations.

Active until 28 September Sounding Spaces is a current exhibition at the ICC in Tokyo composed of nine sound installations. The almost common feature of these works is to involve the viewer as an integral part of the work, and its environment as a real ground of composition. In this way the sounds are processed and then molded into their fundamental temporal characteristics through hardware / software combinations that artists have devised. The facilities are: 'Empty Vessels' by Alvin Lucier, a system of resonances with microphones, sensors and glass jars, 'East of oasis – twelve gates to sound' by Christina Kubisch, a transmission of sound headphone cables obtained by induction Magnetic, 'Untitled' and 'The Listening Room' by David Cunningham, based on feedback between microphones modified by the presence of people, 'Echo Room' by Rafael Toral, in which an ambient sound is processed and retransmitted until late in the naturally fade into silence, 'A World Beyond the Loudspeaker' Edwin Van Der Heide, with 40 amplifiers that reproduce the sound recorded by microphones in open spaces in Rotterdam, 'specification.twelve' Richard Chartier & Taylor Deupree with four loops that simulate a single piece through eight speakers, 'Belen' Alejandra & Aeron, a dialogue narrated that describes a micro scenario, 'Superseat-executive'di Superseat, where you can admire the effects of a room anaecoica, finally ee' AV material – resonant interface 'Akihiro Kubota, which creates an audiovisual feedback system, can also be accessed in constant direct RealVideo .