Skype, P2P telephony.

Created by the developers of Kazaa, Skype is a new software, and grautito in beta release, which allows you to use the networks of equal exchange peer-to-peer telephone communications. Some basic differences make this program different from the existing IP-based voice implementations. The first is that the sound quality that purports to be even higher than that of normal calls. In addition, the communication is encrypted throughout their journey, using the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption, passing without any problem firewalls, and routers. Skype runs on Windows (2000/XP) and obviously need a broadband connection. The operation is very simple, based on the standards acquired by chat, messaging and dall'instant from its predecessors: a list of 'friends' updates as they are online and ready to receive calls, and the type of url is used' callto :/ / '.