Rock ASCII, 8-bit classic video clips.

ASCII characters are now a defined visual aesthetic, when they go aa replace the pixels in the screen simulation. A reduction of the information and their interpretation with the mediation of the alphabetic forms is able to shed new light on every cutscene. In this Sodeoka Yoshi has created ASCII Rock reworking vintage video clips (ultra-classic Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, ZZ Top …). The effect is similar to the famous deep.ASCII , the conversion of Deep Throat (Deep Throat) performed by the team of artists denominatisi net ASCII Art Ensemble, as well as the value, ie a reduction of pop icons to artifacts computer simulates well the contemporary technique to the originals. But the modern reworking of movies in this technique also gives a deep sense of 'vision with the eyes of the machine' that takes place in a specific encoding algorithm.