woaitaom (see below). D.rep_1234567890, possession of digital art.

'Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction' by Walter Benjamin is certainly one of the most cited texts in the fields of electronic art contemporary art, for his prophetic insight into the processes of dematerialization and endless copy that may be imparted artifacts contemporary digital. The delicate balance between fixed and never-fetish object and its possession have often clashed with the rules of digitization and / or real-time transmission of files. In woaitaom (see below). D.rep_1234567890 (Work Of Art In The Age of Mechanical VS. Digital Reproduction) , Arcangel Constantini once again the paradox, showing a serial digital works numbered with decimals and digitized by the physicality, the possession of which is obtained with a simple online registration, a process that makes it recognizable for some time and then leggittimati online users. This certification, which resembles in some ways the investment certificates of etoy, is not exclusive, despite being rated and makes it more than anything else the reproducibility of the owner, self-adjusting with countless pseudonyms.