The Mario Battle no.1, video games walking.

Supported by Year Zero One The Battle Mario no.1 is a software design art Myfanwy Ashmore that altered the NES ROM by removing all the enemies and awards in the architecture of the game. Anything you can do, playing Mario, you walk among the scenarios and be interrupted in case the expiration of the maximum playing time. The software runs on their emulators for PC and Mac reductive interventions on the code of video games, to reduce drastically the number of visual stimuli to the user, transforming the 'battle' in a walk through the scenery, difficult to notice when the latter the player has to take care of bonuses, dangers and goals. The elimination of these elements changes the direction of the interaction playful, as if you organize a feast in a supermarket emptied from goods, thus changing the perception and radically transforming the original code, distorting the pace, slowed by far, and implementing a new gameplay end in itself at the same time puts the mind in a state other than the usual approach of game interfaces. Among the previous experience must be remembered that in the exhibition Prints + Chips Cory Arcangel and Paul Davis had grappled with similar issues, changing a cartridge of Super Mario Bros so that it could benefit only scrolling clouds.