Open Cultures, free flows of information and the politics of the commons.

Open Cultures, free flows of information and the politics of the commons is an intense two days of conferences, exhibitions and workshops, in progress at the Project Space Karlsplatz in Vienna June 5 to 6. The stated objective is to focus on policies dell'infosfera and innovations that can enable increasingly free flows of information. In a historical moment in which you are exacerbating the conflict between the entertainment industry, which sees assign its exclusive privileges thanks to the endless reproduction technologies, and activists of the free sharing of content they see the art, music and literature as a World Heritage Site. Edited by Konrad Becker and Felix Stalder event includes six discussion sessions: 'Free Intellectual Property' with Bruce Sterling and Eben Moglen, 'Information Commons' with Ted Byfield and Darius Cuplinskas, 'Free Networks' with Armin Medosch and Julian Priest, 'Politics of the commons' with James Love and Andy Müller Maguhn, 'Media of the Commons' with Erik Möller and Alan Toner and 'Cultures of the Commons' with Shuddhabrata Sengupta and Sascha Kosch. The exhibition The Frequency Clock by Adam Hyde, the oft-censored LAD-Kingdom of Piracy and Burn, a new work by Shu Lea Cheang, a tool for exchange and recording of music files based on web standards. The entire conference will be available via live streaming.