Cybersonica'03, sonic innovation.

After the success of ' 2002 edition , back June 19 to 21 at the ICA in London, Cybersonica , an event that brings together academics, DJs, VJs, designers, programmers and record labels in the spirit of innovation sound. A full program takes place in the three days provided including party conferences, among others, Richard Barbrook, Michel Waisvisz and David Toop and presentations of sound manipulation tool held by Alex McLean (slub), Tom Betts (null pointer) and John Burton (Leafcutter John), the performance of 'A Cyborg Pilgrimage in the Age of Amnesia' Rokeby. An exhibition at the Gallery Deluxe also includes works are all completely interactive, Fourth of Markus Michael, Alan Peacock, Birgitta Cappelen, Fredrik Olofsson & Anders-Petter Andersson and Herwig Weiser, while Soundtoys offers part of its vast archive of online surrounded by sound works work on cd-rom, dvd and original software. In the evening program, however many lives, including those of Howie B, Burnt Friedman, Kid 606 and Christian Fennesz and VJ D-Fuse and Addictive TV. The festival is in audio and video webcasting for its entire duration.