Casket, a software for laptop-based performances.


02.07.03 Casket, a software for laptop-based performances.

Casket is a software suite which allows to control videos, three-dimensional environments and animations on a laptop, using an audio processor installed on another laptop. Using SuperCollider, a graphic tablet and a router, this mechanism works with the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol, sort of a much more powerful MIDI, to pass the sound parameters between different computers. The second laptop acts as a ‘visual server’ through Macromedia Flash scripts which ‘listen’ to the XML-formatted data coming in through the port 3000. Developed by The Knobs, C404 and NTET Music, this system does more than simply visualize the sound, integrating protocols which permit more control and openness. To confirm this, the authors want to implement a function to translate normal Internet traffic into parameters for spontaneous live sessions. A video demonstration is freely downloadable.