#41, Colors, Television Microwave And Ghost


dvd video – Carpark
Yoshi Sodeoka, with his ‘c404’ handle, is among the artists who prefer experimenting on the fringe of the ‘official’ electronic art exhibitions. He’s got a very peculiar and recognizable style. #41, Colors, Television Microwave And Ghost is one of his more recent experiments, where ten Quicktime videos represent the random characteristics of the digital artifact, through a set of transparent layers and exchanging of informations between surfaces that inspires a clear sense of space. The subject is always the same: three artificial ribbons intertwine and refract colors and pieces of images, accompanied by refraction of rhytmic abstract sounds. As in Prototype #38, the representation of the aesthetic of machines is never an end in itself, but is put in context, emphasizing the unicity of deep incorporeal perception.