World Wide Video Festival 2003.

Inaugurated May 8 at the new Passenger Terminal Amsterdam is the World Wide Video Festival , which this year celebrates twenty years of activity through exhibitions and retrospectives that trace this long period of development of media art, including installations of Juan Downey, Gustzáv Hamos, Tony Oursler, Komiko Kushiyama, Jiangwei Wang, Minnette Vari, Nalini Malani, Francesc Torres, Rita Myers, Keith Piper, Anne Quirijnen, An-Marie Lambrechts & Peter Missotten, Francisco Ruiz de Infante and Jem Cohen. The main area of ​​investigation of this edition is Latin America which includes a staff of the Brazilian Santos ƒder which also mentions 'Neptune's Choice', an essay by video poem in which he describes the urban rhythms and the daily routine of the Dutch capital that has hosted for a few months, as well as a large selection of works curated by José Carlos Mariatequi center High Technology Andina (ATA) in Lima. Selected solo shows particularly important that dedicated, however, Marina Abramovic, a pioneer of performance art, from the early seventies he used the body as subject and medium. Some screenings take place under cover of darkness on a circular screen placed in a park, while the World Wide Media Lounge will host projects 'single-screen', such as net art works, videotapes and CD-ROMs. Among these is the long list of short films running in rotation, among which should be mentioned 'All Readable Files' by Canadian Daniel Olson that reconstructs the identity of a person as the files found on the hard disk of your computer. Among the works on the network, however, there are 'Fantastic Prayers', Tony Oursler / Constance DeJong / Steven Vitiello,' Inner City 'in Room,' Powerful Poetic Machine 'Andrey Velikanov and' Space, Navigable Music 'LAB [ AU]. The closing event, finally, is the RGB, a dj / vj three-day festival, which hosts names always at the forefront of musical experimentation and visual of our times such as: Scanner, Driessens & Verstappen , Ellen Allien, Station Rose and Burnt Friedman & Nu Dub Players.