The RemoteHome: a new home for the mobile society.

Connect spaces is a practice that has yet to overcome the primordial sharing images or verbal description, more or less in real time of them. The RemoteHome: a new home for the mobile society is a work of interconnecting spaces at a great distance from product Tobi Schneidler Smart Studio / Interactive Institute in Stockholm. In two places, the Raumlabor of Berlin and the famous Science Museum in London, were set up two apartments connected with the protocols of the Internet. The decor and architecture of the respective areas, are designed to detect visible and tactile modes of communication between the occupants friendly. This is precisely the role of visitors in the respective cities, distant several hundred miles. A temporal coordination also allows the two spaces to be open during the same hours, even though the time of the time zone difference. Calling into question one of the cornerstones of contemporary society, the space of origin and belonging, this installation destabilizes the concept of 'home' as the place closed, controlled, and it raises the possibility of opening communication with the outside areas. This in a historical period in which the mobility and distance factors have become common in everyday Western life, in what is already being referred to as 'remote-society', and reaction kinetics, bright and dimensional RemoteHome grafted result in familiarity of living spaces, transforming the materiality of the structures in the medium in all respects.