Somnambules, choreography shockwave.

Somnambules is the new work of web Nicolas Clauss, author of Dervish Flowers , Cinq Ailleurs and Jumeau Bar . Like the latter is made ​​with Jean-Jacques Birge, and the participation of Didier Silhol. In twelve scenes with relative preludes, is staging a choreography of 'Contact Improvisation', a style that complements opposite concepts, such as the laws of physics and human relations, inertia and momentum, submission and rejection. Everything is resolved in the dance, which in this work is housed in the movements and digitized movies, sensitive to mouse clicks, and integrated with backgrounds in pictorial play of transparency. The soundtrack varies depending on the user's choices, which shows an unusual gestures and a choice of elements and night colors that project the same user in a dreamlike dimension, putting it at the center of digital choreography.