PEAM2003, meetings of electronic artists in Pescara.

The first edition of PEAM2003 Pescara Electronic Artists' Meeting is taking place at the Ecoteca of Pescara. Organized by Artificialia, the event is designed primarily as a place of encounter and exchange of experiences, bringing together a large group of young Italian artists who produce electronic music with art and digital media. To enrich this experience, a roundup of works will be shown daily, along with workshops held by Nilo Casares, Lele Luchetti, Antonio Caronia, Pier Luigi Capucci and Jaromil + The Skinny. These illustrate the project Dyne: bolic, a distribution of Linux that runs directly from CD-ROM and puts the user can mix and manipulate sounds and video, as well as to carry in a stream, without installing anything on your hard disc. Among the artists present there are Bianco-Valente , and French Joachim Lapôtre . Provided for performances and concerts (among others) of Sogar, Tubocatodico , Otolab, EG0 and Mou, lips!.