Leegte.org, web architectures.

Leegte.org is the site that collects the experiments Dutchman Jan Robert Leegte, which has moved its facilities to the coordinates of the network architecture. His abstract compositions have the advantage of playing with the 'volume information' in an alternation of full and empty spaces characteristic of the organization, but applied, this time, the structure of communication on the web. From the last production 'untitled' which plays on the minimalism of the color selection on the web, filling the squares of the chosen color in the complete spectrum compatible, or ghost image dancing in 'swing', the restless blue windows 'scrollbars', the minimal movements of beads in shades of gray 'spheres' and color 'rgb', and the series 'untitled' which includes many pages emptied of much of their content, but with a structure still functioning (Altavista, Playboy, Rhizome, Etoys and a generic 'software'). A search for formal balance outside the traditional canons graphics and communication.