Friendchip, original aesthetic 8bit.

You can use sound and animation 8bit or quote without falling into nostalgia? The project friendchip seem to give an affirmative answer to this question, combining the rigor of aesthetic choice, an adequate conceptual digression that combines a minimal design and interactive sounds raw but without unnecessary decorations. A radical minimalism pixels wide resounds with a video terminal / Minitel ever seen and 8bit sounds that are grafted seamlessly into microanimazioni, coming direct to the centers of attention, such as a display or a road minivisore handset. We go from the graphics to the sound of enslaved '13amp ',' playground ',' datachip ', the irresistible self-generated sequence of' powerpoint presentation ', with familiar symbols, phrases and self-generated sound effects related to the deferred sequences in boxes' motorway ', and the sketches of' sound booth ', ideas pinned in a handful of code.