ATTACK! Art and War in the Media Age.

Inaugurated on May 22 at the Kunsthalle in Vienna ATTACK! Art and War in the Media Age , an exhibition dedicated media aspect of the conflict, more important than the reality of the drama of mutilated bodies and lives lost. The fierce struggle between information and misinformation and military control on the dissemination of images, have become focal points for victory physical but moral, as has been highlighted semza fear of contradiction during the last war in Iraq . In this exhibition, curated by Gabriele Mackert and Thomas Mießgang, the iconography of the clash are put on display through very different media, from Afghan carpet with representations of tanks and guns to grenades decorated by Antonio Riello, the fake magazine covers Uros Djuric that integrates war, pornography and pop culture images and documentation of aviation All examples of what, after earth, air and water has become 'the Fourth Front' as masterfully described by the French philosopher Paul Virilio.