Panse, manipulate audio at a distance.

Panse is a platform created by Pall Thayer for the development of net art audiovisual and open to all. It basically consists of a program of streaming audio to mp3, with a tcp server running on port 6667 that allows real-time interaction and multi-user, and is made up of two sequencers, a monophonic synthesizer and an effects generator. Almost all parameters can be changed through the tcp connection, as well as the control of the synthesizer. Well as access to the server hosting the software function is fully open. You can then create GUIs in flash to govern the generation of this stream. Furthermore, the program generates stream of numerical data, such as the amplitude level and the values ​​of the notes midi. These values ​​can be used to control the visual in flah or java, or anything else that comes to mind. Some small experiments are accessible on the site. A project that through operations simple enough shares with those who want to have the research on the relationship between sound and image and manipulability collaborative activated through the network.