120 Years of Electronic Music.

120 Years of Electronic Music

120 Years of Electronic Music is a site that attempts a compilation of the history of electronic musical instruments from early experiments with electricity by the end of the last century until the early nineties. Each entry has precious vintage photos, both of the 'machines' that the inventors, commenting on the creation and use over time. This allows you to scroll through the history from the end of the 800 with the Telharmonium by Thaddeus Cahill, as well as the legendary 'Intonarumori' Luigi Russolo and Cello by Leon Theremin term rental in the first decades of the twentieth century. The forties was the first vocoder (Voice Operated Recorder), while in the next decade are created primordial synthesis software (Music 1 and Music II) that run on IBM 704 at Bell Laboratories. In the sixties and then comes the moog synth Korg, Roland and Yamaha make their way in the eighties the first sampler (Fairlight CMI) and then synth and new software that will revolutionize music production leading to the homes of thousands of fans of sophisticated tools creation. Electricity to the valves and to the transistor, the history of electronic music here is told in pictures and innovation, with un'approccio pragmatic, though not exhaustive, however, that it is able to outline a possible evolution of music technology, with emphasis place of all that is now considered 'vintage'.