Digital Art in Italy: Living Cinema and M-Multimedia 7-8.

On March 5 at 21:00 at the EM ARTS Naples, held a performance of Living Cinema project created by the multimedia artist Pierre Hébert and musician Bob Ostertag plagiarist. Entitled 'Between Science and Garbage' uses scraps of video images and sounds created live with a software developed by Ostertag, thus controlling the work in real time.
Always well inaugurated on March 5 at the Gallery of Turin Amantes 'M-Multimedia 7-8' with the presentation of two projects concerning an analysis of the planet earth with its social and cultural implications. It is' Net Flag 'by Mark Napier, who plays on the meaning of the flags as a symbol of the unity of the nation, and' Worldprocessor 'by Ingo Gunther, in which the artist uses the globe as a medium for the representation of economic data and politicians in a visual form, revealing the power blocs that are behind. From March 20, is also expected in the same spaces 'Micromovies', a series of very short video (20 seconds) in the slideshow.