ZNC Browser, interpret the text with sound and color.

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07:02:03 ZNC Browser, interpret the text with sound and color.
It is available version 2.0 of the browser ZNC Peter Luining, a free software for MacOSX and Windows that transforms the code of web pages in color and sound. Once you specify the url you want, in fact, is analyzed the code sent from the server, and each character ascii text of the code generates two other associations: a frequency of many Mhz how much is the corresponding ascii who also provided the corresponding color in palette eight-bit operating system. The result is, then, a succession of characters, colors and tones that at a speed set by the user, follow one another creating an environment sound and visual unpublished. The sounds, in particular, seem to benefit from the richness of the pages of ascii art, while the Cyrillic character set and Chinese produce patterns very special because of the high figures in the tables ascii. This bond purely mathematical actually triggers the typical processes of programming, when a variable takes on a given value. In this way the three visions of the code (text, audio, visual) become three automatic interpretations of the machine, all equivalent from a semantic point of view, that differ only in the decoding code of the flow of information sent from the server.